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Want boxes and crates?

Want reconditioned pallets?

If you want the whole package, we can help you.

Considering new life pallets but want to know more?

If your business uses pallets regularly, then 'new life' pallets might be one way to reduce your expenditure. National Pallet Services can help you in the rebuilding of your old pallets.

How we can help you give pallets a new life

Reduce your company's carbon footprint. We are dedicated to reducing our CO2 emissions and helping the environment. That's why we've introduced the manufacture of new life pallets where we use reclaimed timber to manufacture new pallets. It's a great way for your business to contribute to the environment. Contact us to learn more.

New life pallets offer you more


New life pallets are made with only good recycled wood, so you know that your pallets will be rebuilt to a good quality standard and ready for use.

Reconditioned pallets are a good alternative to new.

If you don't want to wait, new pallets are available from our centre.

Rebuilding your damaged pallets can also be done.

Want new pallets?

Want pallet repairs?

Want more than a crate?

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Our specialised services can help with strong and reliable boxes deisgned and manufactured.

Call National Pallet Services now for more details.

You get more while recycling

The benefits of the new life pallets means that your business benefits from recycled pallets, while you are still able to say that you recycle as much as possible which can do a lot for public relations, too.

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