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Looking for new pallets?

If you need new pallets for your business, then National Pallet Services can help. Just talk to us today about the pallets you need.

How to buy our new pallets

Buying new pallets from a family business like National Pallet Services doesn't mean that you lose out on choice. Pallets can be designed and samples can be provided for assessment and evaluation. Our manufacturing facility ensures that a consistently quality product is produced time after time. New pallets can also be supplied to be compliant with ISPM15 legislation as well as any branding that may be required. Contact us to learn more.

We are able to supply new pallets to suit your individual specifications.

Let us help you select new pallets

National Pallet Services have more than 30 years' experience in this business, and we can help you to find the perfect pallet. Just call us today to find out more about the choices we offer.

Choose from our wide range of pallets

We can help businesses to choose a pallet type which is right for them. If you decide that you want to buy a new pallet, then our delivery services can get it to you fast.

Stacks of new pallets

We can supply our customers with new pallets on a regular basis.

If your business wants to save money, then these pallets are a great alternative.

Commit to the environment and improve the brand with our range of newly built pallets.

Need new pallets?

Need reconditioned pallets?

Need new life pallets?

Have damaged pallets?

Have spare


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National Pallet Services offer repairs and fixes for damaged pallets.

We buy any spare pallets that you no longer require, call us now.


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Heat Treatment ISPM15

Many countries now require imported timber to satisfy the ISPM15 phytosanitary regulations which are recognized by the World Trade Organization. ISPM15 is the internationally agreed standard for the treatment of all timber pallets and packaging timber that is made from solid wood. All our products will be accompanied with a Heat Treatment Certificate showing our company registration giving you the complete confidence for your export.

Heat treated pallets

We are able to offer customers the latest heat treatment services on pallets, crates and boxes. Please call us for more information.


Being ISPM15 certified means that certificates are always produced with heat treated pallets.