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Looking for help with damaged pallets?

A business that relies on pallets to carry goods safely can suffer a great deal when pallets are damaged. Sometimes this is the result of age, and wear and tear, but it can also be the result of accidents and careless handling. However your pallets are damaged, National Pallet Services can help you to repair them.

Let us handle your pallet repairs

If you need pallet repairs quickly, then you can rely on National Pallet Services. We offer help to customers, with damaged or broken pallets.


When you need a quick and accurate pallet repair company, our business has more than 30 years' experience, and our family background means that we offer a stable and consistent service no matter what type of pallet repairs you need.

How we can help you


Like many other businesses across the UK, your company may be feeling the need to tighten its belt at the moment. That is understandable, but it shouldn't mean that the business puts off repairing its pallets. Failure to fix small problems now could mean that complete replacements are required later.

If you want new pallets, call National Pallet Services now

We offer a range of pre-used pallets ideal for any business.

These are quickly becoming the favourite alternative to new pallets.

Get new pallets today

Find reconditioned pallets

Get new life pallets

Waste wood collection services

Find boxes and crates

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If you have waste wood cluttering your yard, get in touch with us for our collection service.

When you need boxes or crates, our services can help you. 

Fast pallet repairs for your business

National Pallet Services pride ourselves on our fast collection of pallets which need to be repaired and that our family business is the one that many companies trust. Both large and small businesses know that we offer excellent services. Just call us today for more details on how we can help you.