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and crates

boxes and crates Manufactured in a variety of types and sizes.

Get rid of wood waste today

If your business regularly uses pallets, then over time you are likely to collect a good number of old, broken and unusable pallets.  National Pallet Services can clear your unwanted wood waste, call us now to find out.

Dispose of wood waste with our pallet collection services

If your yard is becoming clogged with old pallets that you no longer want, let National Pallet Services collect them. We are licensed to carry and dispose of wood waste so if you want us to clear your old broken pallets, contact us today to find out more.

Be free of wood waste

Wood waste building up? then not only is it losing money by not being able to store useful items there, but it is also running the risk of being fined for not clearing up rubbish effectively. Wood attracts rats, insects and other unwanted pests that might also damage your product. Let us solve your wood waste problems.

Old pallets no longer of use and in need new ones to replace them.

We can repair old pallets to create ones which are almost as good as new.

This is where our pallet collection wood is recycled into new life pallets for customers.

Want new pallets?

Want reconditioned pallets?

Want new life pallets?

Need repairs?

Let us advise you

If your pallets aren't wood waste yet, we can fix them for you.

If you need help with wood waste or pallet collection, call us now.

We will clear your old pallets

National Pallet Services will take your old and unwanted pallets with our pallet collection service, some my be suitable for exchange which we could offer you a replacement for.

Pallet Repair