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Want boxes and crates?

Need new life pallets?

Looking for recycled pallets?

If your business needs pallets, then used pallets might be the best solution. Also known as reconditioned pallets, these have been repaired and restored so they are ready to be used again.

Let us help you find the ideal pallets

If you have decided that reconditioned pallets are the best way forward for your business, then National Pallet Services can help you. We have more than 30 years' experience in handling used pallets, and our teams can repair and renovate these pallets so that they are as ready for re-use. They are Quality checked and graded into types and size, put into stock ready for dispatch to our customers.

Find the best used pallets

If your business is looking for pallets, National Pallet Services offer a wide range of types and sizes. We grade, repair and classify all of our reconditioned pallets.

National Pallet Services can provide for all of your needs.

We have a range of brand-new pallets at our location in Norfolk.

We can help you to fix old pallets.

Want new pallets?

Looking for pallet repairs?

Want old pallets collected?

Want to know more?

National Pallet Services supply these in addition to pallets.

We will collect pallets to repair and recycle.

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Get top-quality recycled pallets

We use good-quality wood for our repair pallets so all of our used pallets are recycled into good, long-lasting pallets for your company.